Photographer: GUILLERMO QUIRÒS // Guillermo Quiròs IG

Videographer: NICK ARNOLD // The Nick Arnold Website

Editor: LEA NYLAND // Lea Nyland Studio

Styling & Creative Direction: LELA ORR & LEA NYLAND // Ferrah

Model: JACIE SCOTT // We Declare Hope

Makeup & Hair: JESSICA HENRY // Jessica Henry IG

Set Assistant & Stylist: MEGAN PHILICIA // Megan Philicia IG


You may remember we’ve previously venerated designer Lea Nyland and her work, here on the site.

Well, we’re just as thrilled by her work with designer Lela Orr for the brand Ferrah.

What especially have us clapping our greedy little hands (while we’re balancing our ironic clutches in our armpits) is their focus on environmental sustainability.

As a Danish-based fashion mag, we just fucking love environmentally sustainable fashion!

Ferrah produce their styles in Dallas, Texas, with zero waste, with scrap textile being reused, recycled or turned into accessories.
They even use passed down patterns (from Lela’s grandmother), as a base for some of their own original work.

The Ferrah brand interprets luxury and quality to mean local production, natural fibers and zero waste. Obviously, Ferrah sees quality as tied to environmental preservation and reinterpretation.

Furthermore, every item in Ferrah’s SS18 is inspired by women, that has fought to make a difference. The muses for the collection is Gloria Steinem, Maya Angelou, Georgia O’Keeffe, Frieda Kahlo, Cleo Wade and Emma Watson

While blasé cynics might say, that a focus on strong women and the environment is hardly groundbreaking in fashion right now, then there’s many other aspects of Ferrah, that aren’t as popularized in the fashion industry.

The name Ferrah is of Arabic root (ف ر ح ) and translates to joy, an information we thoroughly researched, by asking Google Translate – and it totally checked out.

In these islamophobic times, where people no longer seem to distinguish between a broad Arbic culture and Islam as a global religion, there’s something comforting about an eco-friendly fashion brand, with an Arabic name in a place like Texas. It’s a combination, that challenges the stereotypical representation you usually see of both Texan culture and Arabic culture, which is suddenly joined in fashion, gender equality and sustainability.

Ferrah is clearly a faceted brand, with many different aspects, that are focused on making the world a nicer place.

Sweet rags and a better world, if you through in a cocktail, it simply doesn’t get any better.



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Picture courtesy of Ferrah


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For more about the Ferrah or to buy their stuff, see their website, Facebook or Instagram.