Design: animalisticModel: Louise HyllandPhotographer: Jan Hammerstad

Louise Hylland photographed by Jan Hammerstad


Words by Tue Elkjær


We had a chat with Louise Hylland, founder & CEO of the hyped Danish street wear brand ANIMALISTIC. The brand has already gathered a celebrity following – which is constantly growing. We met up with Louise to chat a bit about her brand, her success and especially to learn more of her philosophies on fashion.


What made you choose, to call the brand ANIMALISTIC?

The name; ‘ANIMALISTIC’ is founded by the basic idea of the animal within us, our basic nature, and the brand focuses on simplicity. The clothes all have a very simplistic style and their very minimalistic. So the name is a combination of the two words animal and minimalistic.


Design: animalisticModel: Louise HyllandPhotographer: Jan Hammerstad

Louise Hylland photographed by Jan Hammerstad


You developed the brand yourself, right?

Yes, I founded the company in 2014 and then the brand just developed really quickly. I started out making street wear, like beanies, caps and sweatshirts, but it caught on really fast, people took notice and now I’m launching my fourth collection. To be honest, it actually happened by coincidence, from the idea of making snapbacks, then it just became something else, developed into something more and I just went all in. I realized, that I had a passion for clothing. I think that every start-up needs a way to break through, and in my case, it happened through my network and my collabs. It all happened very fast.


Your work seems to be very feminine and masculine at the same time, both the mens- and womens line. Is there a specific reason for that, this play with gender identities in the products?

Actually in the beginning I wasn’t aware of this myself. But when you get further in your process, you naturally become more conscious about what your product actually is. So now, I’m conscious about the unisex style that ANIMALISTIC beholds. It’s because of the brand’s values, that appeals to human nature, its animal drive and its sexual intention – which both men and women have. Also, I wish to provoke, to awaken the boundaries in society and push the norms.



ANIMALISTIC  – One Word Collection – Picture courtesy of Purple June


Playing with gender identity is very ‘in’ right now. Did you think about the fact, that a lot of designers and celebrities are playing around with gender roles and androgyny right now? Or did that not influence your work?

Not consciously, but maybe I have felt an attraction or affection for these celebrities and their provocative way of pushing the norms and social boundaries of sexuality. Maybe I hit the flow, at the right time. It’s a privilege, to be a part of pushing society into a direction, that makes sense to me and the people who wear my clothes. Everyone has a role in society and have influence on society. So I really like it when people are proactive and form the society that they’re a part of – that’s how development happens. Instead of just going with the flow, create the flow – you can be the flow.



ANIMALISTIC  – One Word Collection – Picture courtesy of Purple June


Your designs also seem to be very practical and related to both sports- and street wear. Did you think a lot about practicality, during your design process?

Yes, to make a clothing brand in itself, doesn’t make sense, but to make products that creates value, that makes sense. To do that, you have to create something unique and for me, that was to always focus on the quality of the clothing, the timeless idea of the design and most basically, create something that can also be used, in a practical sense, like in sports. So you don’t just have a nice looking tee, but you have something you can use. That makes sense to me!


What kind of lifestyle, do you imagine your consumers have?

That’s the question, you have to be aware of, right from the beginning, when creating a business. I wanted people to reflect themselves in ANIMALISTIC and to be people who are aware of themselves. Meaning to be aware of themselves as individuals, to know their own values, their belief in their own goals and have the guts to stand out – also in fashion. So in my opinion, my target consumer is a modern, awakened, human being.


What inspires you and your work?

The biggest development, in my work, is my own personal development. When my business develops and grows, I do too, as a human being, and hopefully that translates into my work and in the clothes. Therefore, there’s a constant up grade.



ANIMALISTIC  – One Word Collection – Picture courtesy of Purple June


Do you have any specific style icons, which influences your work?

I think, that I’m inspired by the music industry, the whole rapper-street-wear-DJ-business. Basically, I’m just inspired by the whole energy of that environment.


What do you hope to do, with your designs, how do you hope they will influence the world?

Hopefully, I will keep my message clear and be able to affect the world, just a little bit, in a positive way.


How do you define your work as a designer, do you work with the actual production or do you work more with developing the idea, than the product itself?

I work in the whole process, from nursing the idea, to executing it, to drawing it, to the supplier, making the samples, to the whole retailer-process, to the online sale, social media marketing, advertising, making events, getting musicians and other ambassadors in the clothing to promote it, to creating the PR focus and to handling shipping. All this is something I do myself, especially in the beginning, but now I’m starting to outsource some of the assignments. I’ve started outsourcing sales and I’ve gotten a PR agency and an advertising bureau working with me.



ANIMALISTIC  – One Word Collection – Picture courtesy of Purple June


How do you spend your time, when you’re not working?

When I’m not working, I’m still working. When you start a company like this, it becomes part your personality and identity, therefore your mind is always on your business. Even when you try to break off from work. There’s always unexpected challenges. So the art is to find ways to recharge, so that you don’t loose your drive and for me that is to be healthy, both physically and mentally, to meditate and to being aware of what gives you energy, and what takes away energy – and then, to just focus on the things, that gives you more energy.


What do you hope will come out of your work with ANIMALISTIC – what’s the long term plan?

The long term plan is that it’s a growing business – not explosive growth – but steady, stable growth and that the company keeps sending a message, that it doesn’t loose it’s foundation. More basically, the plan is for ANIMALISTIC to keep expanding and to be selling world wide, within the next couple of years.


To see more of ANIMALISTIC go the official webpage, online shop, Facebook or Instagram. Special thanks to Purple June.