Brand Identity

Ugly Fat Magazine is a styling and fashion magazine, which focuses on displaying stylistic diversity.

The magazine gets its style inspiration from iconic and classical style legends from the fashion, film, and music scene, such as Audrey Hepburn, Coco Chanel, Blondie, and Fellini, just to name a few.

Ugly Fat enjoys working with fresh faces and new talents, by doing this we are attempting to be experimental and continuously fresh, welcoming new ideas, new perspectives, and new approaches to showcase and discuss fashion and style.

The magazine is based, and works from Copenhagen, Denmark and therefor has a natural focus on the Scandinavia and Scandinavian fashion. However Ugly Fat still looks towards international fashion as well.

It is the mission of Ugly Fat Magazine is to be inspirational for our readers, so they can look to our magazine and our content for inspiration, which they can implement in their own lifestyle and work life. As a result of this mission, our content isn’t about dictating trends, but about experimenting with what’s cool and exploring various ways of perceiving good style.


Our key demographic is 18-44 year old creatives, often working in fashion or media, who looks to us for inspiration in their own work and their personal style. Our readers are mainly females, but also with a minor segments of male readers, living in urban areas in Europe, United States or Asia.

However our readership spreads wide and also contains diverse readers, spread in various creative worlds and of various aesthetics views. Therefore, Ugly Fat Magazine works on showcasing several different aesthetics and being open to the readers subjective taste and point of view.

Based on our fan mails we can see a clear demographic of creative professionals among our readership. Most of our readers are in cultural professions, and often work as journalist, stylists, designers and photographers. So among our readership there is a great opportunity of “trickle down effect”, since they themselves write to our office for inspiration and tips, and say they use the magazine for inspiration for their own work.

Another aspect of our readership is that they, style wise, are very diversified. Our core readership, usually work in fashion and/or media and are to some extent fashionistas and first movers.
But our readers also include subcultural individuals in diverse environments like hipsters, rockabilly, and even some in the Heavy Metal scene (to name a few). However our core readership is mainly those in the fashion and media industry.



Advertizing in Ugly Fat Magazine also intails having your projects and/or product to be on the editorial agenda, to be included in the magazine in forexample being mentioned or included in articles, recommandations or our Must Have section, called “The shoopping list”. Furthermore your company and/or product will also have our attention in our content for our social media sites, like Instagram and Facebook.

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