Kenyth Mogan talkin’ holograms


…& how COVID-19 derailed the plans


Kevyn Mogan talks to Ugly Fat Magazine


Words by Tue Elkjær

Pictures courtesy of Kenyth Mogan 

We met up with…just kidding, we haven’t been meeting anyone in quite some time. Like everyone else, we’ve been trapped in our homes. As a result, we hate our apartments now and are currently day drinking and redecorating everything.

But we took a break from that, to DM one of our fave music crushes; Kenyth Mogan, following up on our last chat in spring 2019.

Hi Kenyth.
I’m so glad we could do this today 🙂
Are you ready to begin?

Sure 🙂


You’re releasing a new song; Hologram. What can you tell us about it?

Hologram is about giving different versions of yourself to someone, but never really being the real you. It could be because the image you’re giving to that person is who they need in that moment, or, maybe even because they’re just not worthy of greatness of your truth. Sound wise, It’s a very 80’s inspired pop song, sort of Tangerine Dream meets Lady Gaga.

So, the person who is giving becomes like a hologram, projecting other people’s desires and needs? Is that something you relate too personally, from experience or is it a social comment on SoMe selfie-culture, where people project an image on social media? Or am I overanalyzing?

No, you’re right on. It’s about both.
As a gay millennial, I grew up in a time before it was “cool to be gay” and as such, in front of certain people, was a completely different person than who I was in front of others
And it can be related to the social media culture. People providing an image of who they want to be vs. who they really are


Is that what got you into entertainment? A chance to embody peoples desires and gain acceptance as a gay man?

It is nice to embody people’s desires, but I got into entertainment because I have so many stories I want to tell 🙂


What kind of stories?

A lot of the songs I’ve released are about love, falling into to, losing it, there are so many other topics in life to explore.


Do you relate those themes of love and projecting people’s desires to the entertainment industry? The necessity to adapt to a certain image, that can market your work and resonate with audiences? 

I think any artist can. Look how many times Madonna has reinvented herself. Katy Perry, Lady Gaga – as artist we must find a way to adapt, but also stay true at our core. Even if someone can’t see that truth, holding onto it is very important


Kevyn Mogan and his core truth


And what’s your core truth? 

That I always try to have courage and to be kind 🙂


The world could use more of that.

The last time we chatted, you said you wanted “To finish the album, travel (I will hopefully be touring this summer), and… is it corny to say I hope I fall in love at least once in 2019.”.

How did that go, with the album, the touring and the love?

I did fall in love, but the album and the tour kind of got postponed. Holy Water was a song I am so proud to have recorded (and so thankful to Tim and Tiffany for allowing me to do so) but right in the middle of trying to figure it all out I was given permission from Hasbro to officially use imagery from the 80’s cartoon Jem and the Holograms, so I kind of retooled and deplored everything, which is going to work out since this is the 35th anniversary of the property.


What attracted you to the cartoon? 

Jem was my first real introduction to pop music, the catchy lyrics the upbeat rhythm and of course she was a fashionable rocker with bright pink hair! What’s not to love?!? I’ve also been lucky enough to have gotten to know Samantha Newark, who was the speaking voice of Jem, she’s been a huge inspiration and a wonderful person to bounce ideas off of. She’s amazing.


How has she (Samantha Newark) influenced your work?

Beyond being Jem, she’s also an amazing singer-songwriter as well. She’s so talented and hard working. She’s also amazingly kind.


So, when is Hologram being released? 

The pandemic everything changed but I do have an album of cover songs coming out. Hologram got pushed to 2021 I do have an album of cover songs dropping on June 19.


Can’t wait.
Do you have anything too add, something you want to share? 

I am very VERY excited for it.
The song was co-written with (and produced by) another artist friend of mine, Glass Battles who will also be directing the music video with S.N.G


For more of Kenyth Mogan and his music go to his Instagram, SpotifyItunes or YouTube.