Review: Yon-Ka Skincare for Men





Words by Tue Elkjær

Pictures courtesy of Samedic ApS


Like many cosmetic- &/or dermatologi brands, Yon-Ka has realized how marginalized the male beauty market has been and how much money they’ve been missing out on. Apropos we met Yon-Ka Denmark’s representatives at Holm & Bertung PR & we’re offered to test some of their products specifically made for men. We agreed on a regime to target age prevention, since I’m at that awkward age, where it’s a bit too early for botox and facelifts, but too late to be cavalier about age prevention before my face looks like a fucking rail road map. So, what to do? Try a lot of expensive skincare & hope for the best.

Luckily, the lovely peeps at Yon-Ka Denmark gave me the following products to target my skin issues:

Age-Defense Line Prevention Ultra Hydrating

Foam Scrub Anti-Dullness Skin Polisher,

Lotion YK Alcohol Free Phyto-Tonic After Shave.

I started by introducing the products one-by-one into my skin care regime, so I could get a better understanding about the individual products, starting with the Age-Defense hydrater and introducing the scrub one week in and the after shave two weeks in.

Here’s what I experienced.


Yon-Ka Denmark Anti-age for men in Ugly Fat Magazine

Age-Defense Line Prevention Ultra Hydrating

First impression:
On my first application, I was hit with the sweet scent of the hydrator, which reminded me of candy. Frankly, it made me a bit worried, whether the candy-scent was going to make me crave & binge eat candy over the next months (my weight can’t take that hit, my clothes are already too tight for my massive body).
The hydrater felt very comfortable & was absorbed fast enough.

All in all, a nice/normal first time application.

After one week:
The hydrater was already showing signs of refining my skin & made my dry skin feel a bit more comfortable.

However, my t-zone had gotten a bit greasier, which was troubling me a bit, although that is quite normal with mixed skin, when switching to a new moisturizer.

After one month:
Finally, my skin had adjusted to the hydrater & my t-zone was no longer a problem. In fact my t-zone had cleared up, which may be because I’ve also started using the scrub.

My skin felt more balanced, refined & I could feel my skin had gotten tighter.

I could also see a few lines had been minimized – especially my forehead & my smile lines. But, how did a bitch like me get smile lines anyhow?

Uh, it doesn’t matter with this age-defense hydrater, it’s takin’ care of business & defending me from my own age. Now I can laugh, or rather cackle, all day long, HAHAHAHA!

Long term effect (after min. three months):
My skin had significantly improved, with daily use of the hydrater. My skin felt tighter, more balanced (between the t-zone & dry cheeks) & was visibly finer, as well as clearer.

The sweet candy scent wasn’t a problem in the end, as it didn’t give me any cravings at all, in fact it kind of substituted bad eating habits, having the strong scent of candy smeared in my face every day….sooo, that’s cool.

I definitely recommend this product, my only critique is, that it doesn’t provide sun protection (like the one I used previously), which a pale bitch like me could really use. But the Age-Defense Hydrater is one of the best products I’ve ever tried, mainly because it visibly does what it says; minimize signs of aging, a promise many products make, but often fail to deliver.

I’d especially recommend it for mixed skin, that has trouble balancing a greasy t-zone & dry skin from shaving.


Yon-Ka Men scrub in Ugly Fat Magazine

Foam Scrub Anti-Dullness Skin Polisher

First impression:
At the first application I was a bit worried about the beads (apparently made from Jojoba), if they were to soft to really scrub my face clean. I was also worried about the (very) blue color (since I’m allergic to some artificial colorings) but those worries were in vain.

The scrub really gets in there, takes away its share of dead skin cell (maybe a few live ones too) & leaves the skin fresh & renewed (that statement is a cliché for a reason).
It’s nice, that the scrub is so effective, while being absolutely painless & whatever color is in it, didn’t cause any reaction on my skin (but I don’t know what allergies you have, so maybe test it on your arm, if you’re worried).

After one week:
I use it twice a week and it leaves my skin fresh & renewed every time, with no problems and without taking up too much time in my morning routine. It also helps balance my t-zone & deal with excess grease.

After one month:
It’s all still coolio.

Long term effect (after min. three months):
The scrub leaves the skin fresh & helps to keep my t-zone in check.

All in all a great product, that does what it promises.

After I stopped using it, I suddenly got more ingrown hairs, so the Yon-Ka scrub may have helped to prevent that, more than I realized at the time.


Yon-Kan After Shave in Ugly Fat Magazine

Lotion YK Alcohol Free Phyto-Tonic After Shave

First impression:
My skin is very sensitive & rather thin, so shaving always causes me to have some nicks & dries out my skin in my beard area. Therefor I was a bit worried about this, very light weight, liquid after shave & if it would provide me with enough moisture, but I gave it a try.

It’s easy enough to apply, spraying into my hands & applying it to my face, with my palms – not spraying it directly in my face, while I’m half a sleep in the morning.

It absorbed very quickly & left my skin comfortable enough.

After one week:
WOAW, this product is amazing!

The after shave heals/closes all nicks after application, leaving my face appear untouched, where it previously sometimes looked like my face had been caressed by Edward Scissorhands.

After one month:
Love it & I’m no officially addicted to it.

Long term effect (after min. three months):
This miraculous after shave is definitely getting a permanent role in my skin care routine. Vive la tonique apres rasage de Yon-Ka.


For more about the Yon-Ka & their products see their website, YouTubeFacebook or Instagram.